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  • Is your network slow?

  • Do you need to secure it better?

FirewallDid you know alot of performance problems on a busy network are because your router is too slow to handle the traffic?  Whether you are running a small business with a handful of computers or a home with a kid gaming online, streaming videos and downloading constantly, your router may not be capable of handling the load.

Most people spend $25-$200 to get a store bought router.  The problem is they are not fast enough because they have almost no processing power or memory  The most expensive store bought router at around $500 might give you 512MB of RAM where as the $25 routers might have 32MB RAM.  Good luck finding those specs on the box or the stores website; you need to search deeper than that to find out.  To get something built for business networks, most people would be looking at a CISCO router such as the Cisco 2901 as an entry level example which starts with 512MB of RAM and mult-core cpu's.  These Cisco routers start from $1,000 and up.

Beyond processing power and RAM for performance, the security is the second part of these routers to consider.  To get something more power and more secure, you could be spending as much as $5,000-$20,000, and even $50,000 is a possibly if you are on a very large and busy network.

The good news, is thanks to opensource software, we are able to build a router for you, using the processing power and RAM of a computer, and give you the performance gains and security similar to what banks, government and miliarty use, without the high costs.  Out of the box gives you already improved performance and security beyond anything else compairable, and you are always up to date.  Who ever thinks to update their router anyway?

We can scale up to turn this router (hardware firewall) into an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), parental control management for at home, and segmenting your network for those who work from home and want to seperate their home and business network.

For $400 we can get you what we call, the TwinFire router.  (We are not allowed to promote the name of the opensource software as it is in violation of terms of agreement, but we are allowed to use and sell it.)  Here's the specs you can expect from this price. 

  • 2GB RAM (compared to the 32MB on $25 routers or even 512MB $500+ routers)
  • 16GB SSD for the operating system and logging.
  • IntelĀ® CeleronĀ® Braswell Processor N3160 Inside, Quad-core 1.6 GHz

Someone might argue this is overkill for a router, but you are getting a tank with the engine of a Porche for the price of a horse and buggy.  No chance of performance issues here.

It is for a single network segment (which is most peoples environments) and there is no wireless.  We can simply add a $25-$50 wireless access point onto this or turn the wireless router you currently have into a simple wireless access point and disable the routing ability.  This way you can have wireless access while making use of the processing power of our our firewall router.

I've had an example of security compliance tests for merchant services terminal machine that failed and then with this router installed the tests passed; without adding special features!  Also another client with a dozen office comptuers and dozens of visitors daily connecting to the wifi having lots of network problems, all resolved with our router/firewall, with no additional add-ons.  Simply because their $200 store bought router couldn't handle the traffic.

Contact us for more detail or to order your own TwinFire box.