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Wireless Solutions

Is someone outside right now with a laptop using your wireless network? Is your wireless network secured? No matter how many wireless computers you have in your environment, it will not take long to fix and you can rest easy knowing that no one is using your Internet without your permission, slowing down your connection and making your files vulnerable to hackers. On the other hand, even the most secured wireless or wired network can still be hacked into, ask us about wireless security.

Firewall and VPN

Are all your computers protected with a firewall? Do you have a software or hardware based firewall? A hardware firewall makes a more central point of ensuring everyone has the same protection. Whether you are looking to get a firewall, lock down your existing firewall tighter, or get VPN for access to your network from a remote location, we can help. We have solutions for business and home use.


Are you using one server for everything, or do you have a separate server for each large task? Whether you are setting up a new server, or upgrading an existing one, we can help you. File, print, MS Exchange servers, FTP and web servers are a few types of servers that could be consolidated or separated depending on the size of the jobs being done and how much staff you have. You may be spending too much for an additional server or two that you do not need, or you may be on the other side of the scale where you are over loading one server when it should be split into two or three to increase performance on the network.

People are confused all the time about which computer does all the work, the server or the workstation computer that is requesting the information. It depends on what program you are using as for which computer will be taking more of the load. Make sure you understand which computer is being loaded and you can better determine what needs to be done for load balancing and increased performance.


Are you setting up a new network, or moving your office which needs to be networked again? Is your network running at optimum speed? Is it secure from hackers, viruses, and spyware? We can manage all aspects of your network including Active Directory. We can help you with sharing files and printers and we can lock them down to restricted access to particular people on your network. Are you using a Domain or a Workgroup? Don�t know what we are talking about? If you have close to, or more than, 5 people on your network, you should be talking to us about a Domain network, otherwise a workgroup can be fine.

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