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Custom build desktop computers
You can buy computers from many different stores and little shops from all over. We are not the cheapest and we do not sell used or refurbished desktop computers or laptops.
We offer custom built "Clone" desktop computers that are built using quality parts and built to your needs. Although many other shops will do this same exact thing, you need to know what to ask for. A "Clone" computer means the computer was built using various brand names for each component and assembled manually. To explain this better we can tell you what it is not. A clone computer would not be a DELL or HP/Compaq. Those are computers that have been built by those companies and have the parts tailored to their company making it almost impossible to get serviced anywhere but there.

How we are different:

1. We go through the options with you to understand what you want to use the computer for, so we know what to get for you.

2. Going hand-in-hand with point #1, we are very good with explaining your options and speaking in a very clear, easy to understand language.

3. We don't put a pile of pre-packaged software, a.k.a. (also known as) "bloat-ware" or "crap-ware". This slows down your computer considerably and spoils the whole point of having a faster computer in the first place. We keep it as basic as possible to have the most speed on any system.

4. Because we do clone computers, it can be serviced anywhere from any shop without a hassle. Although, we would love to be the ones to help you for all your service needs, we don't do any nasty tricks to force you to come back to us.

5. We are one of the few places you can get Windows 7 with your new computer. Rather than the latest unstable/unwanted version off the shelf of a big box store.

6. We offer a variety of legally free software which saves you a ton of money. See our Youtube video below about Linux (Ubuntu), you can save money and have a more secure operating system if it meets the requirements for the software you want to run.

7. We are an award winning computer repair company who gives back to the community, so you know you will be taken care of with the best customer service for PRE sales and post sales and support.

So although you may pay more for a system through us than what you might through some big box store, you can rest assured you will know you are getting what you need and not any more (Crapware). As an added bonus, we could actually be saving you money with our advice. We have clients already that have purchased elsewhere, then realized it's costing more in the end than if they had of gone with us in the first place.

What to ask when buying from anyone

Whoever you buy from, ask them what the warranties are and how long it takes to get replacement parts. If the hard drives says how big it is, ask them what type. Is the hard drive a good brand name like Seagate which has great warranties or some other cheap name, typically they don't tell you what brand name. We've made calls ourselves to DELL for example, and they couldn't answer our questions when we asked what type of hard drive, what speed, etc. Sometimes they never got back to us or put us on hold and disconnected.

Don't take our word for it, ask your own friends, family, co-workers. Ask them who they bought their computer from and what experience they had. Some used large companies that they thought were great, others had very bad experiences and one of these large companies have been taken to court for this bad customer service in tricking people with low prices and nailing them later with huge costs for fixing issues when they arise. Because the computer can't be taken anywhere else, they were stuck with dealing with them, or toss the computer and buy a clone from someone else like us.

Ontario Electronic Stewardship Fees

There are now recycling fees incorporated into most computer electronics costs. Normally you will not know about this charge until after the purchase since it is not included in the price when you purchase online or in a store. You get nailed at the checkout instead. Here's the link to the OES website:

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