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Computer Training for Seniors

Learn what you need to know. Nothing more, nothing less. Save Time, Gas, and Parking by having us come to you. Get trained on your computer, not some school computer.

You can teach an old dog new tricks; And you can also teach people of all ages. The student needs to "want" to learn, and the teacher needs to be very patient, using clear spoken English that is easy to understand without trying to impress anyone with tech talk.

Maybe you want to learn how to lookup the latest recipes online and print them out so you can use them in the kitchen; maybe you want to play some free games online, yes there are many free games you can play online that are a lot of fun like poker, and some good old classics. Wouldn't it be fun to know how to send emails to your family and friends instead of hand written mail that takes longer than 30 seconds to send to them. How about taking it a step further and signing up on the same chat program they use and you can talk to them through the Internet by typing on the keyboard. Maybe you're not fast enough at typing, you could get a head set and microphone to talk to them through the Internet. Learn to use Skype and Facebook. There is so much you can do with the computer, and it doesn't have to be difficult or scary.

Because we do one-on-one training instead of sitting in a classroom with many students, it's more effective in that you get the attention you want and deserve, so you come out of that training session knowing how to do all the things you wanted to learn. It's exciting during the training learning all this cool new stuff, and you'll be able to really enjoy using the computer like it was meant to be enjoyed.

Software training including and not limited to:
�How to sign up and use Facebook while keeping your identity protected at the same time.
�Send email and chat with friends and family online.
�How to keep your computer clean of viruses and spyware and keep it performing well.
�General use of Microsoft Vista, windows 7 and 8
�How to write letters for emailing or printing
�Backup software and hardware, including full backup procedures - Don't want to loose the pictures you just downloaded from your digital camera right?
�How to burn CDs or DVDs
�How to use the Internet effectively to find what you are looking for.

Hardware training including and not limited to:
�How to scan photos and documents into your computer
�How to use iTunes with your computer downloading and uploading music, contacts and all the cool features of your new toy!
�Almost any device that can plug into a PC we can help with. Tell us what you want to learn.
�Using a webcam and headset to have live video chat with friends and family.

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