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Computer trainingComputers are supposed to be fun and make life easier for a number of reasons. It's faster to do research, it's quicker to email someone than send a letter in the post mail, and it's faster to type a letter with automatic spell and grammar checking. And to have it print out neat professional looking documents that are presentable to your teachers, to apply for a job or loan or just to do some cool looking flyers or invitations for a party. The list goes on.

Instead, too often people are frustrated by the computer because they either don�t know how to use it properly, or they have problems with the computer because they don't know how to maintain it. Computers do need to be maintained just like a car or your house. If you don't do a little maintenance or housekeeping, it doesn't work as well and you can have problems and more frustration. We can teach you how to do just about anything on the computer including how to maintain it. You can learn things like how to keep your children protected while they are surfing the internet and chatting with strangers. Track their online behaviour, know what websites they visited, and block access to certain websites, or block everything and only allow access to certain websites. Even learn how to tell what your spouse is doing online when you're not there!

Because we do one-on-one training instead of sitting in a classroom, it's more effective in that you get the attention you want and need, so you come out of that training session knowing how to do all the things you wanted to learn. It's exciting during the training learning all this cool new stuff, and you'll be able to really enjoy using the computer like it was meant to be enjoyed.

Software training including and not limited to:
�How to sign up and use Facebook while keeping your identity protected at the same time.
�How to keep an eye on your children while they are online and you are not even in the same room or in the house at all.
�How to keep your computer clean of viruses and spyware and keep it performing well.
�General use of Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
�General use of Microsoft Office - all versions still being supported.
Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access and other Microsoft programs
�Other brand name software and free / open source software.
�Backup software and hardware, including full backup procedures - Don't want to loose the pictures you just downloaded from your camera right?
�How to burn CDs or DVDs
�How to use the Internet effectively

Hardware training including and not limited to:
�How to scan photos and documents into your computer
�How to use iTunes with your computer downloading and uploading music, contacts and all the cool features of your new toy!
�Almost any device that can plug into a PC we can help with. Tell us what you want to learn.

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