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Computer Training for business

Computer training for business

Computers change often and businesses rely on computers to stay productive, professional and ahead of the competition. We understand there is no time for taking lengthy courses that teach you things you don't care about and will never use, just to get to the stuff you do need to know and really want to focus on. That's what we do. We focus on one-on-one training or small groups at your office location, covering only the material you want to learn. It's more comfortable for you, you save time not having to travel, you save time learning only what you need to know and you use your own computers which makes it 100% realistic and applicable to your job.

Because we do small groups or one-on-one, it's more effective in that you get the attention you want and need, so you come out of that training session actually informed and armed with the tools you need to gain extra time in your day.

Software training including and not limited to:
�How to do mail merges for letters, envelopes, and labels
�How to work with spreadsheets effectively
�General use of Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8
�General use of Microsoft Office XP - all versions
Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access
�Backup software and hardware, including full backup procedures
�CD/DVD burning software
�Basic training on various other applications including how to get started quickly customizing the program and starting to enter information.
�How to use the Internet effectively
�How to share files on the network and doing online collaborating with colleges.
�Much more custom applications that you might not even know exist including freeware and open source software.

Hardware training including and not limited to:
�Installation, Setup and how to make use of many hardware devices including the list below.
�Printers, Scanners, MFC's
�Blackberry, Android, iPhones, other SmartPhones.
�Almost any device that can plug into a PC we can help with.
�Networking with or without wires and bluetooth.

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